[Neo smartpen][Review] Neo smartpen N2 on Touchjet

Written by eddie

October 5, 2015

Touchjet introduced Neo smartpen N2 as one of 3 school digital tools for the school year. 


Touchjet calls smart pens one of the three tools that will help students succeed this school year and specifically mentions the benefits of the N2 noting, “Some smart pens, like the Neo smartpen N2, even create a digital copy of whatever you write, using special notebooks and iOS or the Android Notes app. Simply sync your pen with your Mac or PC, and share your handwritten notes online.”

For background, Touchjet is a technology company that works to reimagine the way people interact with technology and each other.


See the full article here: http://touchjet.com/2015/09/21/3-digital-tools-for-the-school-year/


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