Visualize Faster, Deliver Better

HybridDocs combines the best of writing
and typing to deliver your idea concisely and freely.
Mix your handwriting and drawing with
Word, Powerpoint and more!

What is HybridDocs?

HybridDocs is a more efficient way of making a document that combines your handwriting and digital document for people who organize and present their thoughts using pen and paper.


Keyboard, Mouse and Smartpen

Express your ideas beyond confinement
of your input device and your template.
Write on paper then add to your document!


Write down what you think and
just paste into your document

No need to waste your time to take picture of your handwriting or looking for the right template for the presentation. With HybridDocs, your writing and drawing become your document.


Your mind map
and Excel graph on 1 slide

Tell your story by adding your hand drawn mind map and diagram into presentation. Convey your message better by mixing handwriting and typed text.


HybridDocs is compatible with below software and will continue to expand its compatibility

How To Use

Connect Your Pen to our pen data transfer program, Pen Manager,
at Neo Studio Web and you can use your handwriting and drawing.

1. Go To Neo Studio Web

Go to

Sign in with your Google ID/Apple ID

    2. Execute Pen Manager

    Click the next button on Pen manager

    popup to execute the program.

    3. Use Handwriting Data

    Select the part you’d like to use with your mouse

    then copy it with Ctrl+C and paste it to other programs using Ctrl+V

    Use Cases

    Meet the new way of working

    DIY NCODE Template

    Make your presentation captivating with NCODE Template.
    Plan out the entire presentation with a template.

    Download it for free in the link below.