Create an explainer video with PaperTube

With Paper Tube, making a video is easy and intuitive

This is the same as recording what you are explaining while writing on paper.



Need no prior knowledge for video edit.


The time for the preparation is relatively short.


Light and easy-to-use app.


Save the video as MP4 and the material used in the video as PDF


it uses a pen-and-paper.


Unlike video edit software, it doesn’t have a rendering procedure which usually takes tremendous time.


Yes, it’s a free app.

Picture in Picture

Record the explanation screen and the video of the explainer at the same time

Papertube can create content with the user’s video (or voice) along with handwriting.

For example, if it is used in an educational field, the blank note mode is used like a blackboard, and a realistic online class is possible. In My Formatting mode, various online classes are possible by loading a file (PDF) and setting the study plan as the background..




#Like a boss

❶ Open PaperTube app
❷ Select the blank note mode
❸ Connect Neo smartpen
❹ Take notes and make a video