* It can be used with Neo smartpen apps

A cost effective way to utlize your handwriting notes


What’s written on paper is captured and synced through devices

You can search, organize and utilize your handwriting notes as if it is a typed text.


digital notebook


You can change the thickness and color of the text to your liking. Highlight particularly important content with a highlighter.


Check the digital note icon ✉️, 💬. You can share any page you want with your favorite social media or email.


If you search for handwriting in the app, you can quickly check all pages that contain the search term.

DIGITAL PAPER is one of a kind  notebook!

It's a good notebook for everyday writing, but becomes powerful when you use with Neo smartpen.

This mark is an Ncode certification mark that digitally stores handwriting. If you use a product with this mark in conjunction with the Neo smartpen, you can experience the familiarity of handwriting and the convenience of digital at the same time.

Notebook lineup

N Moleskine journal

The N Moleskine Note is a classic Ruled Large size, made of off-white neutral paper coated with Ncode™ and a black hard cover with water repellent treatment, and has a large pocket on the back so you can feel practical and luxurious at the same time.

product information

130 x 210mm / 240p / Off-white neutral paper / Hard cover


N idea pad mini

N Ideapad Mini is a legal pad-type notebook that is convenient to carry. Because it is easy to tear off along the perforation line, you can write as much as you want without hesitation.

product information

127 x 200 mm / 100p / white paper 90g


N College Notebook

N College Notebook consists of three bundles. N college notes with lines are the best notes for students who take a lot of notes.

product information

216 x 280 mm / 200p / off-white imitation paper 80g / 3 packs


N Ring notebook

The N-Ring notebook is a notebook created for users who need to take a lot of notes on the go. Organize your thoughts with this lightweight A5-sized notebook.

product information

Wired / 210 x 150mm / 152p / White Imitation Paper 80g / Ring Binding


N Professional journal

N Professional is designed with luxurious materials and is designed for a variety of uses. Wired and plain notebooks are provided, and there is a pocket for business cards.

product information

140 x 205mm / 250 p / Off-white imitation paper 80g / Wired notebook & plain paper

N idea pad

N Ideapad is a legal pad-type wired notebook, ideal for recording lectures and meetings.

product information

210 x 297mm (A4) / 100p / white paper 80g / legal pad