NeoLAB released the smartest planner yet available through the Indiegogo campaign

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September 15, 2020


 Seoul, 15 Sept 2020 –NeoLAB Convergence Inc. (,

developer of the award-winning Neo smartpen  ), today released the all new smart planner, which is used in conjunction with Neo smartpen, through Indiegogo campaign( .


Smart PlannerTM is targeting students and office professionals who are looking to embrace both the capacities of analog and at the same time the digital, to enhance their day to day schedule management and better keep on track with the heavy workloads.

Smart PlannerTM has evolved from its predecessor to add on to the efficiency of 1. Schedule management, 2. Schedule and Note sharing, and 3. User experience.

First, share your schedules selectively! Your schedule can now be selectively managed. Simply check a small box beside the schedule you wish to share to synchronize into your device’s calendar. Digitize only the schedules you want and other people to know.

Second, choose a specific time to share! If you had to share the whole day or the whole month’s schedule before, now you can choose the specific day, or specific time to share. Plus, you can share specific parts of your notes in pages that are divided in 4 sections.

Third, change your pen color and thickness with a tap. Smart PlannerTM provides a tangible paper controller along for you to easily change the style you want to write with.

Lastly, if it was Neo Notes before, now it’s “The” Neo Studio. Experience Smart PlannerTM with the more modernized design and colossally improved convenience of Neo Studio. Bookmark and Hashtag your planner pages not only online but in the planner itself, and you are just a tap away from directly opening your google chrome and safari in your device. Oh, and edit your notes like you are Picasso and share it in GIF.


“So if you ever felt the 2% short in an analog planner or if you ever missed the analog sentiment from the digital, Smart PlannerTM is the next thing you definitely cannot wait to buy.” said Ahyoon Kim, Product Designer of NeoLAB Convergence Inc., “With NeoLAB’s whole new app Neo Studio, and the most advanced digital planner yet available in history, why not get the most out of your day to day lives? Enjoy your freedom in analog as it is, and let the mere digital empower you a little bit more.” 

Now Smart PlannerTM  is live on Indiegogo( Please find more information on the link below. 




NeoLAB Convergence Inc., the creator of Neo smartpen series is an award-winning designer and developer of digital pens using its patented Ncode™ technology for the consumer, education and enterprise markets. Neo smartpen N2 launched in the international market via a Kickstarter campaign in September 2014, raising 20 times its initial funding goal within just three weeks. For more information about Neo smartpen  and case studies, visit or follow on Instagram


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