A wave of thought

A wave of thought that crosses analog and digital

Lamy’s heritage and design perfection in the writing instrument market met Neolab Convergence’s unique technology to connect analog-digital, and the LAMY safari all black ncode (LAMY safari smartpen) was born.

LAMY meets digital

Thinking tool on the digital flow


Your ideal writing instrument

To keep your thoughts organized

I want my diagram/graphs/equations kept digitally for future reference

I want to carry what I wrote in my notebooks without notebooks

I want to locate my thoughts and ideas quickly and efficiently

I want my handwritten meeting minutes converted without re-typing



Write and Go

As soon as the paper is touched, the power is turned on and start capturing your notes. Relive the writing experience of LAMY  Safari. It can be used for up to 11 hours and can be charged via micro USB.

LAMY digital paper

Experience the paper texture optimized for the Lamy Safari smartpen writing experience and Remi Digital Paper with Ncode technology.

LAMY Safari grip

Lamy Safari’s ergonomic grip

Enjoy the signature design and grip of Lamy Safari with a smart pen.

LAMY special theme

Neo Studio will detect LAMY pen and tranformed to a LAMY exclusive theme


What’s in the package

App - Neo Studio

An app that stores your handwriting digitally and searches/edits/shares it

Pen - LAMY Safari all black Ncode

Smartpen digitally saved as soon as you write on paper

Notebook - LAMY digital notebook

A LAMY designed notebook with Ncode in print

#P2UI #Touch #execute

Share with one touch

If you touch the icon at the top of the digital notebook with a pen, you can send your handwriting to social media or email. Share quickly and conveniently with just one touch!


Easy to store, quick to save

Use the Neo smartpen to take notes as if you were writing with a regular pen and paper, and check directly on your mobile or PC with the Neo Studio app.

#convenience #familiarity

Authentic pen-like convenience and familiarity.


How to make collaboration more efficient?

You can take notes or sketch directly on the meeting materials. Share your handwriting and sketches with video conferencing solutions such as Skype and Zoom that support screen sharing.