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Neo Smartpen Highlight



Neo Studio

Neo Studio Mobile (Android, iOS) and Web are synchronized with each other, allowing you to freely utilize your handwritten notes anytime and anywhere.


Grida Board

The drawing board is a web-based whiteboard that helps you easily and quickly explain or give lectures.


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Paper Tube is a mobile app software that creates simple explanatory videos. It simultaneously records content written with a pen and footage captured by a camera, enhancing the quality of the explanatory video.

Easy to Use

The technology of Neo Smartpen allows you to control small icons printed on paper like a remote control.

It offers various ways to connect paper and digital.

Neo Smartpen Compatible Notebooks

DIGITAL PAPER is one of a kind  notebook!

It's a good notebook for everyday writing, but becomes powerful when you use with Neo smartpen.

This mark is an Ncode certification mark that digitally stores handwriting. If you use a product with this mark in conjunction with the Neo smartpen, you can experience the familiarity of handwriting and the convenience of digital at the same time.

45% of frustrations

45% of frustrations

Sometimes I need to pass my handwritten notes to someone and feel quite nervous. It seems that I'm not the only one who always comes up with a few seconds of hesitation. That's right. I have to admit that my handwriting is really bad. In fact, I have gone through many...

Neo smartpen reaches the Australian market

Dear Neo smartpen users in down under. One of our partner started Openshop showcase in Australia Traditional meets digital in new tech launch Smart pen reaches the Australasian market. GMA launches unique smart pen to Australia. Currently available with study diary...