N2 스몰 메뉴

Neo Smartpen N2

Premium instrument

N2 스몰 메뉴

Neo Smartpen M1+

Reasonable performance

N2 스몰 메뉴

Neo Smartpen DIMO

Entry level Smartpen

N2 스몰 메뉴

LAMY Safari Pen

Digitally recreated LAMY

#digital writing

Neo smartpen Highlight


#Like a boss

Neo Studio

Neo Studio Mobile (Android, iOS) and the web synchronize with each other, allowing you to freely use your handwriting anytime, anywhere.

Grida board

Grida Board is a web-based whiteboard that helps you give explanations or lectures quickly and easily.


Check Grida board → 


PaperTube is a mobile app for creating short explanation videos. It enhances the quality of the explanation video by simultaneously recording what was written with the pen and the video coming from the camera.

Easy of use

Neo smartpen’s technology can also operate a small icon printed on paper like a remote control.

It provides a variety of ways to connect paper and digital.

Notebooks for Neo smartpen

DIGITAL PAPER is one of a kind  notebook!

It's a good notebook for everyday writing, but becomes powerful when you use with Neo smartpen.

This mark is an Ncode certification mark that digitally stores handwriting. If you use a product with this mark in conjunction with the Neo smartpen, you can experience the familiarity of handwriting and the convenience of digital at the same time.