Neo smartpen reaches the Australian market

Written by eddie

July 5, 2021

Dear Neo smartpen users in down under.

One of our partner started Openshop showcase in Australia

Traditional meets digital in new tech launch

Smart pen reaches the Australasian market.

  • GMA launches unique smart pen to Australia.
  • Currently available with study diary through OpenShop.

5th July 2021, Sydney, New South Wales

GMA ( launches a unique smart pen tool for digitizing traditional writing for the first time in Australia. 

Their product, the NeoLAB smartpen dimo is being launched through Openshop. This technology has been designed to recognise traditional handwriting and digitize it for simple notetaking. GMA are currently offering their pen technology with an accompanying study diary, complete with coded paper for an optimal experience. 

An introductory offer will be available in the coming months to purchase the NeoLAB Smartpen dimo and study diary with an upcoming book series as a package deal. 


GMA’s launch of the NeoLab’s Neo Smartpen dimo is available for $149.95 with study diary included through OpenShop.

Source: GMA Australia

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