EASY-to-CONNECT devices to PC

Manage Neo Smartpen and other NeoLAB devices on your PC and try difference services from Pen Manager

Convenient PC – Smartpen Connection

Connect Neo smartpen to PC and enjoy a variety of services.

The services below are provided by Pen Manager

A tool that share your ideas and sketch instantly

Online whiteboard – Grida board

*Grida board will be linked with Pen Manager in the fure.

RECO Data Transfer & Replay

You can send and play RECO recordings on Pen Manager

How to play RECO recordings on Pen Manager

Please follow the instructions below

step 1

Connect Neo smartpen to RECO and take notes during the recording

step 2

Connect RECO to Pen Manager and send the data

step 3

Connect Neo smartpen to Pen Manager

step 4

Tap your notes then Pen Manager will play the recording

How to Purchase

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