[User tips] How Artists Use Neo smartpen N2 I

Written by eddie


June 9, 2016

What started from carvings on cave walls has now changed to digital ink on computer screen. Yet, despite the extreme convenience digital writing lends, many still prefer the good ole pen and paper – and for good reason. When it comes to expressing ideas there is nothing more natural and accurate than grabbing a pen and putting it on paper. 


For those who still prefer the old school method of drawing on paper, you need to check out what Neo smartpen N2(shop) can do FOR YOU as your BEST drawing buddy.  



1. Color and thickness 

Connect your Neo smartpen N2 to Neo Notes app and then, simply tap the screen to find the color icons. 


Tap the color icons(where the finger number ONE is indicating) to change colors and press-and-hold the icon to find more colors from color picker. 


Tap(or slide) the controller(where the finger number TWO is indicating) to choose the pen thickness. 




2. 256 pressure sensitivity levels 


Neo smartpen has 256 pressure sensitivity levels. 

It is noticeable if you draw a line with the lightest touch and compare with the heaviest press. 


Still can’t see the difference? Have a look at Master Kim Jung Gi’s piece! 🙂 






3. Share  


Once you digitize what you’ve written or drawn on paper, share with your friends! You can share your sketches or notes in the following formats: txt., PDF, PNG or even SVG(Vector Graphics). 


▶ Exporting SVG file 


What a good news for artists who are struggling to scan the artwork and reconstructing the lines on the PC! Export SVG file via email and download it from the PC. Simply open the file in your Adobe Illustrator to continue your work. 






Removing backgrounds 


Go to the settings and tap [share options] to change the background in transparent, white, etc. 


Choose one of the options and then, go back to the page you want to share. Tap [share] icon from a drop down menu to share your sketches with the background you’ve chosen.






Share your ideas with us! If you have any brilliant ideas you would like to share with us, please send an email to communication@neolab.net or send us a facebook message to www.facebook.com/neosmartpenglobal. 

Click here to find out more on Neo smartpen.


Stay tuned for more useful tips for artists! To be continued… 



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