[RECO] Blackpink in your notebook

Written by eddie

June 25, 2020

According to the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, White noise improves memory. Listening to a consistent “sh” noise could boost your memory.

Yeah, It makes sense to me. It is one of the trends in S. Korea to study in Cafe. Starbuck, for example, is one of the best places for study.

[people study in Starbuck, Seoul Korea]


What if you study alone where you can not make white noise,

You have two options
1) go to youtube to play White noise for study.
2) listen to music.

For me, no 2 is always my choice other than listening to noise.
But one annoying thing about listening to music is that you need to click or shuffle around your playlist to get the right music for your mood.

Here’s one of the clever ways to remove this hassle.
All you need to do is to record your favorite music to RECO – the smart recorder.
You can assign a particular area for your ultimate music playground in your notebook. Then tap the area to listen.

If you are a huge fan of K-pop. Your notebook can be a virtual playlist of your favorite Blackpink or BTS.

Please visit our Kickstarter campaign what RECO can capable of  : http://kck.st/2N4k6be

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