Organizing Tips to Supercharge Your Time at Work

Written by eddie

March 18, 2019

It has been proven time and again that staying organized at work is one of the keys to productivity. If you have a system that’s clear and easy to follow, you’ll find that ticking off daily tasks becomes more natural. But if you’re a unorganized, you might fall behind on deadlines and your employers and colleagues will definitely take notice.

So how do you maintain a strong work ethic? Here we talk about a few simple tips to help you stay organized.

Keep your desk clutter-free

Studies show that the state of your workspace directly affects your level of productivity. Inc Magazine indicates that on average, you can lose up to 4.3 hours just by searching for important documents. Executives, too, suffer from this problem and waste an hour sifting through information. Not only does valuable time go by quickly, it can also be a very stressful ordeal going through piles of paper or mountains of data. To avoid this, segregate your files into separate folders, drawers, or shelves and keep them labeled. Save a spot on your desk for urgent documents that need to be attended to and everything else neatly tucked away in their respective containers.

Write a checklist that focuses on your daily objectives

The best way to stay on top of your deadlines is to write them down. The N Planner will help you keep track of weekly, monthly, and yearly objectives which makes it much easier to stay organized. It’s important that you break down goals into smaller tasks that are actionable. The feeling of achieving even just a small task is very encouraging and will help you stay motivated in the long run.

Divide tasks into their level of importance

It’s important that you identify which tasks need to be attended to first. Professional organizer Amy Trager suggests using a matrix that will categorize each task into these categories:

– Important and urgent
– Urgent, but not necessarily important
– Important, without urgency
– Not urgent, and not important

Handwrite your meeting notes

So much time goes into organizing meetings when a simple memo could have sufficed. One change that can help boost productivity during those long meetings is to opt for handwritten notes instead of typing them up. NPR explains that when someone writes down their notes on paper, they’re more likely to absorb the information. Typing them up doesn’t guarantee that you will retain important insights. In fact, you’re more focused on getting everything down that you put off processing for later which takes up more of your valuable time.

However, many companies across a range of industries employ an organizational type of leadership, with collaboration at its core, according to Maryville University. This is why meetings are integral to a company’s operations. Organizations find that by getting employees to collaborate it guarantees more success in the workplace. That means that you might need to share your notes with others in the spirit of collaboration. That’s what makes the Neo smartpen a great productivity companion, because you can continue with your handwritten notes without worrying about sharing them with your teammates as the information gets transferred to a digital device.

Display long-term goals

Lastly, it’s important that you keep your long-term goals on display. Use a calendar or a planner that will remind you of the bigger objectives. That way, you’ll always have something that reminds you stay productive.


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