[Neo smartpen][User tip] Neo smartpen N2 unboxing

Written by eddie


September 30, 2015

Hi, this is Ashley Ahn who will be the Hermes bridging the users and NeoLAB.

Today, going back to the day I met N2 for the first time, I will unbox the Neo smartpen.

This is how N2 looked when I first got it. (Package can be vary depends on nations)

I could see Titan black N2 from the outside.

N2 has parallelogram shape from the upper side.

And lastly, this is how it looks like from the side.

Now let’s unpack it.

The inner box is divided into two parts: the pen and accessories.

Let’s look into the accessories box.

It seems a variety of accessories are in it!

Now I organized every item in the box neatly: the pen, user guide, pen tip, USB cable, and N pocket note.

Let’s take a close look at Titan black N2.

The aluminium body grants the feeling of firm and soft at the same time.

I pushed the power button for a second, and I could see a white light on the LED indicator.

This is one of my favorite parts of the Neo smartpen. Fancy, but neat.

For the next posting, I will demonstrate ‘how to connect N2 and mobile device’.

See you soon:)

Written by Ashley Ahn

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