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Neo SmartPen – dimo

1. Battery change cycle

Dimo’s normal usage time is 27 hours. Average battery life is one month.

If you use an hour a day, you can use 3A battery for a month.

Then replace the battery once a month



2.Can Dimo synch with Google Calendar?

Unlike the existing N2, M1, M1 + pens, dimo does not synch with Google Calendar, ical, and outlook.

Dimo can view and search your notes on the calendar in the app.

*If you want to use the online calendar synchronization function, we recommend you to use higher models of Neo smartpen (N2, M1, M1+).



3. Is dimo compatible with existing Neo note app?

Unlike the existing Neo smartpen, Dimo can be only compatible with newly developed Neostudio.

It also can be use with Paper tube app.



4. Can Dimo use as Offline mode ?

Dimo has 2 GB internal battery to store handwriting data. It only stores 2 sheets of A4 data.

We recommend real-time handwriting with the app.



5. What are the main features of the Neostudio app that connects to dimo?

It can convert your handwriting to GIF and share on Social media.

You can easily search your notes, sort the pages by timeline and bookmark your favorite pages.

You can also record with handwriting and find and listen to the parts you need.



6. Can Dimo only share GIF format?

In addition to GIF, Dimo can format to MPF4 and can be shared in PNG and PDF format.

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