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Neo Smartpen – N2, M1, M1+

  1. Charging and Usage Time

The pen fully charges in 90 minutes and typically lasts 1 to 2 weeks per charge, although this may vary based on usage patterns.

  1. Supported OS / Bluetooth Version

The compatible OS and Bluetooth versions for the M1+, M1, and N2 models are:

  • Android: 5.0 or higher / BT 2.1 or higher
  • iOS: 8.1 or higher / 4.0 LE
  • Windows: 10.0 or higher / 4.0 LE
  1. Offline Mode Writing

The Neo Smartpen M1, N2, and M1+ feature built-in memory, allowing for writing without connecting to Neo Notes. When connected, the pen transfers stored handwritten content to the app. It’s advisable to transfer data regularly to avoid delays due to large data volumes.

  1. Notes Compatible with Neo Smartpen

Neo Smartpens use Ncode technology and are only compatible with Ncode-applied notes (digital paper, N notes). Explore our range of digital papers at Neo Smartpen Digital Papers.

  1. Buying New Pen Tips

Neo Smartpen uses standard D1 ink cartridges, available at most office supply stores and online. Using unverified refill leads may affect the pen’s writing recognition or cause defects.

Recommended Cartridges:

Zebra 4C

Mitsubishi SE-7

Kaweco Soul D1 1.0

Parker D1 0.8/1.0

Pilot BRF-8EF/ -8F / -8M

Staedtler 92RE

Sailorpen 18-0103-1/ -2

Rotring 23SSOR07442

Caran Dache RNX316

Kyocera D1(75SD1)

Shachihata TK-RF

Visconti Mignon

Yard-O-Led 12757-2

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