5 Back-to-school items that will make your school life smarter

Written by eddie

August 3, 2018

Back-to-school season is just around the corner! Everyone knows it’s a hustle and bustle, but there’s always an answer to make you feel better.
These 5 must-have-items will make your school life more convenient and smarter.


1. Organizer

Being well-organized is a key to get good grades. A simple, stylish organizer not only helps you save counter space, but helps you find school stuffs easily.

If you live in a studio or dormitory, it’s necessary to get an organizer.


This minimal, modular organizer by Gather will cut clutter in your place. Gather’s organizer is so fresh that it is now supported by 2,587 people in Kickstarter.

You can choose the options such as wood color and numbers of tray, starting from $149. The organizer can be purchased here.


2. Backpack

You’ll carry your backpack all the time when you go back to college. Then, how about changing it to a much smarter and more useful one?


The backpack from ECEEN has a built-in solar panel so that it can charge your electronic devices. If you ride a bicycle to school, just put on this awesome backpack and charge your phone! Your phone will be fully charged when you arrive. You can shop this smart item at amazon, starting from $59.


3. Neo smartpen M1 and N handy notebooks


How do you keep your lecture notes organized? Do you re-type them into your computer?

If so, the Neo smartpen M1 is one of your must-have items for the new semester. Not only it seamlessly digitizes your handwritten notes to your smart devices, but also has the ability to transcribe your notes into digital text.




Here’s an example.


To use the Neo smartpen, you need the N notebooks and the Neo Notes app. These colorful and trendy items will make your school life easier.



With Neo smartpen M1 and N handy notebooks, A+ is in the bag!

You can get Neo smartpen M1 at $129.

Shop now at

Amazon (US): https://goo.gl/P6a4Up
Neo smartpen Shop (Global): shop.neosmartpen.com


4. Power Bank

You never know where you’ll be when your phone runs out of battery – especially in college, when you’re constantly on the go. Moreover, it happens all the time that you spill water or coffee on the power bank.


Poseidon will solve this problem. It is dust-proof and waterproof power bank and stores 8000 mAh of power which is equivalent to about 7 days of charge. It’s now available for pre-order on the Dark Energy website.

5. Tumbler

Drinking 8 glasses of water is recommended. But, what should we do to make it a habit – especially when you’re really busy getting to know school life?


The HeyDo Cup monitors your water purity level. It also reminds you to regularly drink water and measure the strength of your coffee plus other exciting features. It is purchasable at ILOOF.


With these cool items, going back to school wouldn’t look as bad as it sounds.

Don’t forget to put them on a shopping list!


[ Go to Neo smartpen online store ]


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