The effective way to share your thoughts


Smartpen user

Make the most of your remote meeting/lecture with Grida board; the online whiteboard in conjunction with neo smartpen.

A tool to communicate ideas easily and effectively



Gridaboard can be used in a Chrome web browser in a PC environment that supports Bluetooth (BLE).

* Bluetooth (BLE) supported OS: Windows 10 / MacOS

* Windows 10 (1703, released in April, 2017) / MacOS (10.10.5 Yosemite, released in October, 2014) or earlier versions, please use after OS update.


Share your study content with your peer students and/or teachers


You don’t need a Tech knowledge to write down with pen and paper but it goes online.

business professional

Verbal is a good tool to communicate but adding a your scribble can enhance your remote work.

Add Grida board to your Zoom, Google Meets, or Teams

It will add in-person vibe to your remote session